Groningen 2004
“…In October 1942, my sister Fanny, together with the members of her Hachshara, was sent to Westerbork. My mother, my sister Minna and I were collected at the beginning of November 1942. We heard the bell ring at 8:05 P.M. Curfew was at 8 P.M. A special policeman (Marechaussee) came up the stairs and told us to pack, as we were on his list. But we had already packed a month before. At the last minute, my mother remembered our Passover dishes stored in the attic. We helped push the crate through the attic window to our next-door neighbors, the Niemans, even though we suspected them of being German sympathizers. After the war, we received back all the things that had been hidden, which is how I came to have our own candlesticks from home.”



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