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finishing the swim
off to T1 and then the bike

My luck keeps holding. After last summer knee injury and neck injury and subsequent not being able to do the races I planned and registered for. While waiting to see if my knees recover enough to run again or not (and some injections into them not covered by health insurance). I concentrated on swimming, slowly over time got my swim to be good enough for longer distances. I registered for my first 10k swim for this summer. Sadly my luck still holds and I have an wrist problem that requires surgery and even that is complicated. So for now I let my writst rest and see if I can get the surgery and then hope it works. Its not serious injury just painful and restrictive. I wanted to let you all know as your love and support means a lot and I wanted to let you know where things are even when things are not good. will keep you posted. i have not given up but have to admit that the last year took it out of me.
PS. happy to be included in These Higher-Weight Female Athletes Are Shattering Myths About Fitness
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