Selected Press

Yishay Garbasz: ‘Ritual and RealityThe New York Times. Johnson, Ken.  March 6, 2014.

The Unsightly and the Unseen: Yishay Garbasz at Home at the Border. Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences. Shandler, Jeffrey.

On the Inheritance of Post-Traumatic Memory. Thiiird Magazine,   Burdu’ja, Cristina. March 2017.

The Art of Trauma. Art History Grrrls, avidog. May 19, 2016.  

BODY // Trauma and Identity: An Interview with Yishay Garbasz, Berlin Art Link, Alison Hugill, April 19, 2016 

Göksu Kunak, Temporality Of Traumas: Yishay Garbasz’s Time Drag Through Images, m-est, Mar 22, 2016.

We have to think intersectionally, Yishay Garbasz on the politics of allyship and solidarty, Verso Book Blog Yamamoto Nine 

Against the Art of Exclusion, HYSTEREO #31: Berlin Community Radio,March 30, 

Walking into Conflict: Trans Woman and Visual Artist Yishay Garbasz on Chronicling Trauma.The Huffington Post, Steinbock, Eliza. May 1, 2015.

On the role of the artist in promoting social change. Brandeis NOW. L’Heureux, Michele. April 15, 2013.

Critics Pick: Living in Evolution. Artforum, Maltz-Leca, Leora. November 10, 2010.

Die Kunst zu leben. Der Tagesspigel, Rosen, Bjorn. November, 14, 2010.

Nymphoto Blog women in photography, Staff, January 2010.

Critics pick: Yishay Garbasz, Wako Works of Art., Birmingham, Lucy. May 2009. 

Collecting the lost pieces of a soul: Seeking self-discovery, Yishay Garbasz traced her mother’s Holocaust experience. Japan Times, Birmingham, Lucy. May 1, 2009.