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Selected Press

Yishay Garbasz: ‘Ritual and RealityThe New York Times. Johnson, Ken.  March 6, 2014.

"Because Ms. Garbasz’s works are so understated, the enormity of what they represent may be lost on casual viewers." Ken Johnson

The Unsightly and the Unseen: Yishay Garbasz at Home at the Border. Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences. Shandler, Jeffrey.

"Garbasz compels us to contemplate a larger unseen: the hatred and fear, the danger, whether real or imagined, that we all live with, that has been pushed out of view, lurking somewhere behind a boundary. As the range of the artist’s work further reveals, these borders not only cut across political and geographical landscapes; they also bisect the complexities of human sexuality and mark the limits of generations and their transmission of memory." Shandler, Jeffrey.

On the Inheritance of Post-Traumatic Memory. Thiiird Magazine,   Burdu’ja, Cristina. March 2017.

The Art of Trauma. Art History Grrrls, avidog. May 19, 2016.

  “Jewish gay transgender woman artist” is not a phrase you hear much, or at all, in the art world.  But, lucky for us, there is an awesome woman named Yishay Garbasz making art and busting through cis-hetero-patriarchal walls...  After transitioning, Garbasz took her old testicles and exhibited them in a tank of formaldehyde.  The piece was titled, “Eat Me Damien.” Indeed.  You can take your stupid preserved shark, Damien Hirst, and suck it... If you get the chance to see her work, jump on that shit.

BODY // Trauma and Identity: An Interview with Yishay Garbasz, Berlin Art Link, Alison Hugill, April 19, 2016 

Göksu Kunak, Temporality Of Traumas: Yishay Garbasz’s Time Drag Through Images, m-est, Mar 22, 2016.

We have to think intersectionally, Yishay Garbasz on the politics of allyship and solidarty, Verso Book Blog Yamamoto Nine 

"For people who also are trans, it is our basic humanity that is challenged. Anger is the only sane response."

Against the Art of Exclusion, HYSTEREO #31: Berlin Community Radio,March 30, 

Walking into Conflict: Trans Woman and Visual Artist Yishay Garbasz on Chronicling Trauma.The Huffington Post, Steinbock, Eliza. May 1, 2015.

nevertheless, made into an image of the enemy other grants her “a trans sensitivity to being” for people who endure conflict and the micro and macro forms of trauma... demonstrate that Yishay Garbasz has a commitment to look anew at others and their trauma. Each time she risks this relationship, from scratch, to fall in love with the thing that she most fears

On the role of the artist in promoting social change. Brandeis NOW. L’Heureux, Michele. April 15, 2013.

“by showing that these individuals are part of relationships that are familiar to us, it is the first step toward [creating] a larger, more diverse Jewish community.” ... installation will explore the intersection between Jewishness and gender, it will also tackle larger issues of identity, agency and human rights

Critics Pick: Living in Evolution. Artforum, Maltz-Leca, Leora. November 10, 2010.

 One exception is Yishay Garbasz’s “In My Mother’s Footsteps,” 2003–2009, a haunting series of photographs that trace the artist’s recent journey through the concentration camps of Europe and the forests where they once stood. Text culled from an account written by the artist’s mother supplement the taut images with the factual details of her survival, yet the narrative remained a history of gaps and absences.

Die Kunst zu leben. Der Tagesspigel, Rosen, Bjorn. November, 14, 2010.

Nymphoto Blog women in photography, Staff, January 2010.

Critics pick: Yishay Garbasz, Wako Works of Art., Birmingham, Lucy. May 2009. 

Poignant and beautifully photographed, Garbasz’s images are paradoxically incongruous and comforting... Garbasz has transformed her broken inheritance into a joy for life, with a collaboration that speaks the unspeakable.

Collecting the lost pieces of a soul: Seeking self-discovery, Yishay Garbasz traced her mother’s Holocaust experience. Japan Times, Birmingham, Lucy. May 1, 2009.