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Honoured to be part of “Bodies that Matter” exhibition at AKATE opening May 17th with a conversation. Exhibition period: 19.05.2023 – 09.07.2023 

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Bodies That Matter

Bodies That Matter

Also honoured to be included as one of the five trans artists taking the art world by storm. I don’t honestly know how much of a storm i am making facing so much erasure and exclusion, however i keep going and that is that.  

5 Transgender Artists Taking the Art World by Storm

Happy to have had a chance to talk both at UdK and weißensee about my work and art things in general. In The UdK it was the first lecture in a series about “Kunst/Erziehung im NS – Rückblick, Kontinuitäten, Perspektiven”. In weißensee I was invited by the students to talk about my work and how to live as an artist. (which I had a good answer to the later part)

A few of the reviews of the gropu show Skin at ZAK.

Reinscribing Space at Zitadelle: ‘SKIN – Membrane, Organ, Archive’