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my work is featured in several articles and a new book.

Becoming Busan Biennale installation view

Third Text

Yishay Garbasz, in conversation with Sarah Messerschmidt

Art Monthly 446: May 2021

Profile: Yishay Garbasz
Juliet Jacques shows that the artist’s engagement with displacement, trauma and memory has particular resonance in the pandemic

Berlin Art LInk

Berlin Art Link

For over 20 years, Yishay Garbasz has worked with marginalized communities and in areas affected by war and disaster, through which, in her own words, she engages in “a continual process of making the invisible visible, making the unsightly tenderly seen.”

My work included in two online shows this month.

Prescient: A Five-by-Five (5×5) Virtual Exhibition,” features works by Eleanor Antin, Nancy Chunn, Yishay Garbasz, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, and Allan Wexler. as well as tiodagars festival presented by Weld.

The Number Project included in “Feminisums Die illustrierte Geschichte der weltweiten Frauenbewegung”

Die illustrierte Geschichte der weltweiten Frauenbewegung
Dieser einmalige Bildband illustriert die Geschichte der globalen Frauenbewegung und den weltweiten Kampf um weibliche Gleichberechtigung. Kenntnisreiche Texte behandeln Themen, die für Frauen auf der ganzen Welt von entscheidender Bedeutung sind: Wahlrecht, reproduktive Freiheit, Ehe- und Eigentumsrechte, Gleichstellung am Arbeitsplatz, unterdrückende Vorstellungen von weiblicher Schönheit, Rassengleichheit und LGBTQ-Rechte.

Will speak at the International Women’s day protest this Sunday 8.3.2020

Zur Demonstration fair share! Sichtbarkeit für Künstlerinnen am Weltfrauentag,
Sonntag 8. März 2020, 14 – 16 Uhr vor der Alten Nationalgalerie (Museumsinsel, Bodestr. 1–3) laden wir herzlich ein! Schließt euch an und bringt Freund*innen mit! Wir müssen viele sein,
um sichtbar zu werden! Die Demonstration besetzt den Raum vor der Alten Nationalgalerie.

Wonderful new article.

„Normativität wirklich infrage stellen“. First ever article in the Queer German press. this month in Siegessaeule

Haifa Lecture @ LGBTQ Community house.

הקשת הטרנסג’נדרית חוזרת למפגש מיוחד.
ישי גרבז, אמנית טרנסג’נדרית ישראלית החיה בברלין, נמצאת בביקור קצר בארץ ותגיע לשתף אותנו באומנות שלה וגם בסיפור שלה.
ישי הציגה ופעלה ברחבי העולם, הוציאה 2 ספרים
ולאחרונה נכנסה לרשימת 400 האמניות החשובות ב500 השנה האחרונות.

self portait island near NLL

Passport with the correct gender.

Fighting UK home office Transphobia and the Israeli goverment Transphobia. as well as getting a valid id.

Yumi Song & Yishay Garbasz

Yumi Song & Yishay Garbasz taking part in the exhibition “Oriental Discourse” Tokyo.

Yumi Song & Yishay Garbasz art work in exhibition. This exhibition examines where the appeal of East Asian women’s expressions come from. Orientalism is a perspective or thought that has a preference for the East or a longing for the Eastern world. The gaze is directed from the West. However, not only the West, but also the Eastern gaze with Western thinking may be included in discussion of the gaze. These gazes are not equal to each other, but look unilaterally into the mysterious

Haaretz Article (Hebrew and English versions)

Wonderful Article in the Gallery section of Haaretz, in the feminist section! Feeling my voice amplified and the current intersectional oppressions I face spoken out loud to the world.

footsteps vostok, south korea

Vostok Magazin Korea

Spread of Images and text from In My Mother’s Footsteps in Vostok magazin.
Happy to be remembered. I showed Footsteps in South Korea in 2010 and its still remembered kindly. To date Footsteps has not shown in Germany.

Trans Realities: The 6th Nordic Trans Studies Network Conference

Trans Realities: The 6th Nordic Trans Studies Network Conference

Participating in Trans Realities: The 6th Nordic Trans Studies Network Conference. First time delivering a lecture via video conferencing! Wednesday 11.9.2019 at 20:00 at Mangfoldhuset.


Great women Artists, book by Phaidon

Honored to be included in the book, Great Women Artists published by Phaidon. Presenting 400 Great artists from the last 500 years that happen to be women. HERsotry.